About Itchyfingers

Hello and a very warm welcome to my itchyfingershop! Itchyfingers is in the midst of reorganizing our shop, so things can get a bit messy here. Please hop to our Facebook page or Instagram page for more photo updates!



Based in Singapore, the sunny little island sitting near the equator, Itchyfingers was started as a lifestyle blog at www.myitchyfingers.wordpress.com to share the good things in life that we like, namely arts and design, travel, animals and nature and many more.

Itchyfingers was created by Tisu Girl, who works as a graphic designer to fill her forever-hungry-at-late-night stomach. If she has some free time on hand, she likes to exercise those itchyfingers by creating little animal figurines, as she is an animal lover and a huge turtle fan…all kinds of turltes! All her creations are 100% handmade with love and care. Each piece is an unique miniature work of art so no two pieces are totally identical.

We welcome customisation. Do note that as each creation is handmade, depending on complexity, ample time is required to make sure that you will love the finished piece as much as we do. Do email us to discuss further. 🙂

Itchyfingers’ creation are also featured on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/MyItchyfingers. Do visit and ‘like’ us there to show your support!

Tisu Girl with the little bunny wedding ring pillow made for a friend. Click here to


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