Ely & Mo Tan

Itchyfingers got her first request for a pair of cats some (long!) time ago and decided to do some practice first before working on the customised ones. When Smokey the Cat was done and got some positive feedbacks, Itchyfingers felt a bit more confident to lay her fingers on the actual pair.

Ely Tan. So cute!

Mo Tan. So pretty!

At last, after months of trials and errors and rounds of redoing, the miniature meow meows were finally done!

Meet miniature Ely and Mo! Made with love by Itchyfingers using pure wool. Didn’t
know initially that 
Mo has a favourite resting spot on top of a basket. Otherwise,
would have made her the one lying down…

Ely is about 5cm tall and 7 cm long

Mo is around 6.5cm tall

Itchyfingers was glad that her friend, Ju Lin, loves the miniature meow meows. But Itchyfingers was even happier when she saw this wonderful candid picture…

The first encounter! So cute! Ely and Mo checking out their own doubles when they
saw them! This was not staged at all! Such a precious and priceless moment! Really
made the time and effort worthwhile! Thank you Ju Lin for this beautiful picture!

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