Fiery Love – Ruddy & Scarlet

Pardon Itchyfingers for being quiet for so long! Our fingers have not been idling and are actually working on a few customised furry animals, some of which are completed but not been photographed yet. One of these customised animals that kept our fingers busy for quite long were something fiery red…

We were asked to customise a pair of colourful Scarlet Macaws by a friend. Itchyfingers has always wanted to try our fingers on some feathered animals. So was glad that a request came by!

After going through some photo reference of the macaws, Itchyfingers decided to try to do something like this since it is one of the typical behaviours of the cheeky birds… :p

They like to preen each other….

Don’t they look very loving while preening? 🙂

It was meant to be a birday, oops, I mean birthday present for her hubby, and it seems like Scarlet Macaws played a significant role in their relationship. So it made sense to make a pair of Macaws in a very sweet and loving moment together!

The first challenge was to find the colour wools of the birds’ feathers! Was so happy to be able to find something very close! :p

After some trial and errors, Itchyfingers is proud to present Ruddy and Scarlet, the pair of chubby Scarlet Macaws...specially for San Wai!

The pair was purposely made into little fat birds to make them look more
adorable…hahah! Do you like their fat claws too? 

Ruddy preening Scarlet’s head…

Going outdoor for a shoot! 

The wings and tail feathers were the most challenging!

We hope our friend and her hubby will love our little chubby Ruddy and Scarlet! 😀

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