Golden Boys

Good things come in two. For Itchyfingers‘ long time friends, the best thing to happen when they are promoted to Grannies is to have not just one, but two grandchildren at one go! Hahaha! The first time granny wanted to give her younger daughter her first Mother’s Day gift after delivering her twin babies just two days ago.

Itchyfingers is more than glad to be part of the joy, as I know the daughter personally during my school days in Oz..But it proved to be a bigger challenge than I imagined! As it is the Year of the Snake, Itchyfingers wonders how to make the scaly reptile to be as adorable as possible….I decided that they should be golden-yellow in colour to be auspicious; and to have diamond-shaped patterns on the back since they are as precious as diamonds to the parents and grandparents. :p

After two rounds of trial and errors…this is what Itchyfingers created for Kim, to be presented to Hui Yi on her first Mother Day…I hope they find them cute and will like them… :p

Two woolly little snakes to congratulate our friends!

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