In Loving Memory – Mocha the Jack Russell

A pet to many owners is like part of the family, many people treat them like their own children. So it is always very heartbreaking to see your family leaves you. Itchyfingers only met Mocha once at my friends Kim and Maurice’s house during one of the Chinese New Year’s period and I remembered him wearing a little red cape with the word 福, or auspicious in Chinese, on it. A very cute and active little boy indeed! So when I heard of his passing some time ago, I kinda felt sad too…

Thus Itchyfingers was most happy to be able to make a miniature Mocha as a little memento for my friends. I hope it will bring back the many happy memories the little guy had brought into the family.

Meet Mocha Kwan, the miniature Jack Russell made with 100% pure
wool and lots of love and patience…

Decided to make Mocha a little paper doggy house as the packaging…

The back of the doggy house with Mocha’s picture. May Mocha
find peace and happiness in Doggy Paradise…

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