Isetana the Barn Owl

Meet the owl that garnered more than 27,000 likes on PM Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook page! 😀

Owl has always been Itchyfingers’  favourite bird. Barn Owls can be found in Singapore, with some individuals known to roost at specific urban grounds here. On 20 November, a particular Barn Owl decided to fly into the Istana for a self-guide tour. It then took a snooze on a high beam inside the Istana, and was later being “escorted” out of the government building to the great outdoor where it belongs. :p

The little episode went viral online and created a buzz as some Singaporeans did not realise that we do have owls in our little pockets of greenery.

Feeling inspired, Itchyfingers decided to create Istana, the Barn Owl. He will be the first owl in our upcoming series of owl pins. So do stay tuned for more owls coming your way!

Istana the Barn Owl has been adopted at the Christmas Market today!
He will be flying back to Taiwan with his new owner! :p

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