Niobe & Neba

Itchyfingers received a customised request from Harlina recently. She saw Itchyfingers‘ furry animal creations at the recent Public Garden market at the National Museum. She has two beautiful kitties that she would like to be made into miniatures as she travels a fair bit and would like to have them with her when she’s overseas. How sweet!

The request to Itchyfingers was to pick up the little details on the fur of both kitties. But the reference photos on the minute details were all taken on a mobile phone! Certainly posed a greater challenge for Itchyfingers!

Niobe, the Russian Blue girl, loves to lie on her belly with her forelimbs folded one on top of the other. She has a little bit of white fur on her back.

Niobe in her favourite pose…

This is what Itchyfingers has created… :p

Niobe, created by Itchyfingers with 100% pure wool, hand-painted glass
eyeballs and lots of love and patience…

Forelimbs folded on top of the other, hind legs in a relaxed pose….

Niobe has a few fine strands of white fur among her grey coat that
Itchyfingers was asked to put in…Some details on her tail were also done… :p

Neba, the community tom that she rescued has a bald patch and a crooked tail. As the fur on tail is balding, Karlina wants the miniature to have the characteristic patch too…

Meet Neba! Karlina requested Neba to be made into a smiliar pose as Ely Tan
that Itchyfingers has created earlier…

Neba – created by Itchyfingers with 100% pure wool, glass eyeballs and
lots of love and patience…

Another angle

Neba with his bald patch on the side, as well as his balding crooked tail…

There….a little pinkish patchy bit for the miniature…

And Neba’s little balding crooked tail

Niobe and Neba have been delivered!

Itchyfingers was so happy that not only the owner likes them, the kitties also love them! Was thrilled to receive this absolutely lovely photo…made all the hard work worth every bit! 😀

Neba checking and sniffing his own woolly miniature! This is just so lovely!
Thank you Karlina for this photo! She couldn’t get a photo of Niobe with hers
cos the playful 
girl wanted to play with it, which is not recommended cos these
miniatures are meant for admiration and not toys for little kids to play with,
especially those furry kids! 😀 

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